3 pairs already stopped out

Man this is a tough market. I woke up this am to find that 3 of my 5 pairs were already stopped out. USD/JPY was stopped out for $7.90. GBP/USD was stopped out for a whopping $22.64.  Last but not least, USD/CHF was stopped out for $17.86. There is suppose to be some US news coming out today. I hope this helps that market to develop a trend. Most of the time the market is like this in a ranging mode. I have to try and hold my own, which is obviously difficult, until a trend breaks out. It’s during the trend that I will make my largest gains. Let’s see how the markets develop for the rest of the day.

By the way EUR/USD is almost stopped out also. The stop/loss was actually touched once, current price is only a few pips away. Let’s see what happens…

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