Update on trades from last night

Last night I did the usual open closed trades and adjust my daily stop/losses. Since last night I have already had one pair hit the stop/loss. GBP/USD was stopped out for a loss of 28 pips. That trade will be reopened tonight. All current trades are as follows:

Short USD/CHF     Price 1.2531      Stop/Loss 1.2572     Guaranteed Pips -41 pips

Long USD/CAD      Price 1.1803      Stop/Loss 1.1779     Guaranteed Pips -24 pips

Long EUR/USD      Price 1.2950     Stop/Loss 1.2891     Guaranteed Pips -59 pips

Long USD/JPY       Price 121.67     Stop/Loss 121.45      Guaranteed Pips -22 pips

It doesn’t look like there is going to be a break out anywhere in the Forex market today. I will keep watching and re open any stopped positions this evening. Hopefully we will be able to at least adjust some stop/losses to increase the Guaranteed Pips. Stay tuned…

Current total pips so far for January is +227

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