I can’t help it I know I make trades only once per day but I still have to check my account multiple times. However, it’s days like today that I don’t like looking. Usually, I look to see how many pips I am up but currently I am only up a total of 60 pips. It seems that the market is not moving in the direction I want it to move fast enough. Obviously I am very impatient. So I will practice patience.

The truth is I should never peek at my account during the day because by later this evening it will be vastly different than where it is now. I have often looked at my account on my lunch break to find it way up only to see it has come down quite a bit when it is time to make trades and adjust stop/losses. Also the converse is true, I have looked and saw my account way down and by this evening it may have turned around and have a big bump up. Well let’s wait and see what this evening holds for us.

Happy Investing,

Jackie O’Quinn 

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