Another day in the world of Forex

I was out of town and have not had a chance to post this weekend. However, I am currently back home and back to work. Last night I did not open any new trades as all 5 pairs were still open. I did adjust my stops to minimize risk and to lock in further profits. Today the Yen and Cable were stopped out. The Yen  was stopped out -13 pips and the Cable for +2 pips.

So far in January we are up 121 pips. We are still lagging our goal of 500 pips per month.

Current Open Pairs:

Long GBP/USD from 1.9460 S/L 1.9762 Guaranteed Pips +302

Long EUR/USD from 1.2956 S/L 1.2924 Guaranteed Pips -32

Short USD/CHF from 1.2465 S/L 1.2520 Guaranteed Pips -55

New Trades Opened:

Short USD/JPY from 121.66 S/L 121.90 Guaranteed Pips -24

Long USD/CAD from 1.1814 S/L 1.1777 Guaranteed Pips -37 

Final Thoughts:

Total Guaranteed Pips right now is +154 on all open trades but, we are up a total of 469 pips on open trades at this time. I hope to lock in further profits tomorrow. I guess that is always my hope. GBP/USD is still open but appears that it may retrace somewhat. I will be watching this tomorrow to see if I get stopped out or simply have an oppurtunity to lock in further profits. Let’s keep watching…

Happy Investing,

Jackie O’Quinn 

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