Sorry, I did not update last night

I did make trades last night but unfortunately did not get a chance to update my blog. I adjusted 3 of my stop/losses to lock in profits and reopened trades.

I went long EUR/USD Price 1.2956 Current 1.2949 -8 pips Stop/Loss 1.2886 Guaranteed -70 pips.

I went short USD/CHF and that stop has already been hit for -73 pips.

Also this morning USD/JPY was stopped out for -8 pips.

So since last night I have lost 81 pips

My open positions are as follows:

Long GBP/USD Price 1.9460 Stop/Loss 1.9577 Current 1.9714 Pips +254 Guaranteed Pips +117

Short USD/CAD Price 1.1758 Stop/Loss 1.1780 Current 1.1744 Pips +14 Guaranteed Pips -22

Long EUR/USD Price 1.2956 Stop/Loss 1.2886 Current 1.2945 Pips -11 Guaranteed Pips -70

Total Pips in Jan +132

Final thoughts, as always hope to lock in more pips tonight. Bad decisions cost some of my gains so far this month. Welcome to the world of forex. Luckily, my system allows me to be wrong more than I am right and that is exactly what I have done. Currently I am not on track to hit my goal of +500 pips by the end of the month. However, we still have a week and a half left this month. In the world of Forex Investing that can be a lifetime. After the markets close for the weekend I will re-enter trades for Sunday evening. We will see what next week holds for us. Stay tuned…

All the best,

Jackie O’Quinn

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