I think I am addicted to forex?

As I had expected my long position EUR/USD was stopped out for -30 pips. Also my Short USD/CHF spiked up and hit my stop and is now continuing to fall. I was stopped out of the USD/CHF for -20 pips. That is a total of -50 pips but so far today I have 3 positions still open. Long GBP/USD is up over 230 pips right now. USD/CAD and USD/JPY are both in profit by +20 pips each.

When I tally the final numbers it will be interesting to see what happens. I am a trend trader and make most of my pips by following long trends. I am expecting the USD/JPY and USD/CAD to start trending down and I will earn pips all the way down. If they don’t start trending down then they will definitely start seeing some highs that neither pair has seen in a while.

I work from home as I often write about in my other blog but, in forex that can be a curse because I often find myself wanting to watch the market. I don’t get nervous or anxious I just get impatient that the market doesn’t move fast enough. I am always logging into my account to see how many pips I have made. I only trade once a day but, I still can’t stay away from the forex screen. That’s it I know what my problem is. I am fighting a forex addiction.  lol

Have a Prosperous Day,

Jackie O’Quinn

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