New Trades Open

As mentioned earlier, 3 of my position were stopped out. I expect the other two to be stopped out most likely by tomorrow some time. My current open positions are:

Long GBP/USD Price 1.9460 Stop/Loss 1.9559 Current Price 1.9612 Pips +152 Guaranteed Pips +99

Long EUR/USD Price 1.2935 Stop/Loss 1.2905 Current Price 1.2917 Pips -18 Guaranteed Pips -30

New Positions:

Short USD/JPY Price 120.84 Stop/Loss 120.97 Current Price 120.87 Pips -3 Guaranteed Pips -13

Short USD/CHF Price 1.2486 Stop/Loss 1.2506 Current Price 1.2489 Pips -3 Guaranteed Pips -20

Short USD/CAD Price 1.1758 Stop/Loss 1.1785 Current Price 1.1763 Pips -5 Guarenteed Pips -27

Total current pips on open trades +123 Total Guaranteed Pips +9

Total pips in Jan +213





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